Is UK Football Back?

We will always be a basketball school. That fact will never change. With that said, I can feel more and more support gathering around our football program. I don’t see us adding more wins this year due to the strength of schedule that we will be playing, but I do think we will be more competitive. We finished 7-6 last year, I predict the same for this year. The difference will be in the points scored vs allowed. We averaged 25.5 points per game last year. We allowed 28.2 points per game. This year we will average more points scored than we allow. Last year, we averaged 161.7 rushing yards per game. With a more experienced Benny Snell, we will be around 180 yards per game. We have an exciting QB battle going on right now. I predict we will see Terry Wilson winning the spot, but I think with whoever it is that we will have a solid QB.

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