Has Cal Lost it?

Fans began to worry when Zion Williamson picked Duke. The notion that Duke was taking over recruiting was sweeping the fan base. Rest assured that Cal is back on track, let his resume give you comfort in the fact that he is the best.

All college basketball fans agree on one thing, Cal can recruit. The Cal haters argument is “He is a recruiter, not a coach”. They fail to realize that a large part of being a head coach is the team you put together.

This is an excerpt from CoachCal.com, it highlights some of the success he has had in his career.

As someone who prides himself on helping young men reach their dreams, John Calipari has helped 46 players get selected in the NBA Draft during his college coaching career, including 35 over his first eight seasons at Kentucky.

He is the only coach who has coached four No. 1 overall selections (Derrick Rose, John Wall, Anthony Davis and Karl-Anthony Towns), the only coach to have five first-round selections in the same NBA Draft (2010) and the only coach to have six players taken in one NBA Draft in the modern two-round era (2012 and 2015).

When Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist went 1-2 in the 2012 NBA Draft, Calipari became the first coach of any of the three major American sports to have the top two players in the same draft.

“The Kentucky Effect is there and it’s real,” Coach Cal said. “Senator Mitch McConnell has said to me, ‘You’re creating more millionaires than a Wall Street firm,’ and I went, wow, we are.”

We are in safe hands as long as Cal is our coach.

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