UK Football Season Schedule and Predictions

We all know our football schedule will be tougher than last year. I still think we can put together a winning season with this team we have. We have a really good team coming back. Our fans really need to embrace this team, its going to be our best team in a long time. See below for my predictions

FB Sched

We will start out with a strong win over Central Michigan. The Chippewas will not be able to compete with our teams athleticism. Also, what is a Chippewa? W 34-10

Florida’s streak will unfortunately continue. We will be competitive but ultimately fall. L 24-21

We will roll Murray State. W 42-17

Mississippi State will be close, I am hoping for an upset. W 21-17

South Carolina will air it out with QB Jake Bentley and WR Deebo Samuel. Will Muschamp is known for his defensive teams. They will outscore us. I hate South Carolina a lot less now the Steve Spurrier is gone. L 27-17

Jimbo Fisher was a huge hire by Texas A&M. I think he will make Texas A&M really good. L 31-28

We should be able to handle Vandy easily. W 28-10

We have a current three-game winning streak over Missouri. It will be tough but with the changes to their coaching staff I think we prevail. W 24-17

Georgia….. L 42-17

Tennessee gave us a movie worthy show at the end of the season last year. I miss Butch Jones, he had some great lines. Tennessee made a circus show when replacing him. They beat themselves out of a shot at a real hire. We aren’t going to see the same Tennessee. W 24-14

Middle Tennessee State is really good for who they are. They are not ready for an SEC school. W 35-10

The biggest game of the year! UL has peaked out. They have dropped slightly in recruiting each of the last couple of years. W 28-17

I would love for this to play out and go 8-4 for the season. It will be tough but its possible.





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