How many wins for you to be happy?

With the success of our football program so far this year, how many wins would it take for you to think this was a successful year?

Earlier in the year I predicted us to go 8-4 for the season. I marked us for losses to Florida, South Carolina, Texas A&M, and Georgia. We beat Florida so one would think I would shift to 9-3, one would be wrong. I think it would take 9-3 for me to view this season as a success, but I think we will finish 10-2.

Before the season I put us losing to the Gamecocks 27-17. After our start to the year I would be a little disappointed in a loss Saturday. This has turned into a “should win” for the Wildcats. We will win 21-10 on Saturday.

My prediction for the Texas A&M is staying the same, but contrary to most I think this is a winnable game. L 31-28

I am sticking with my original 28-10 win over Vandy.

My prediction for Missouri has changed to increasing our win margin to 27-17.

Georgia…. L 42-17

Our margin of victory will change to 24-10 against Tennessee.

Middle Tennessee State has no change, W 35-10.

UofL is a disaster. I previously predicted us to win 28-17. I think we will stomp Louisville to a 38-13 win.

9-3 would be a success. I predict a 10-2 season. 11-1 is plausible though.

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