ESPN finally gives us credit

In a piece posted by ESPN today, they give a ton of due credit to to UK football program. Here’s some quotes from the story:

“We’re built for this. We came back for a reason. With coach Stoops, I love that guy. You look at what he’s done around here and the way he’s changed this program. I want to help him do that and help him be the coach he can be. We’ve got his back. We’ve got Kentucky’s back. We’ve got everybody’s back who believes in us, and we’re going to keep pushing.” Said Josh Allen

Benny Snell said “I can say that this team is different. We’re going to run it down a team’s throat over and over and over again until they’re tired and can’t take it. That’s what we’re good at, to keep pounding. In the third and fourth quarter, I’m under the pile and can hear the defense [breathing hard]. That’s when you know that you’ve got ’em. They’re tired. I’m proud of this offense. We can go against anybody, and I’m just speaking facts.”

After talking about how much bigger and stronger the team is, CJ Conrad said “It comes down to our leaders. We have to stay grounded and absolutely will. We wanted this. We wanted to change this program, but we are far from done and are going to keep this thing going.”

Stoops gives some credit to Mitch Barnhart “The administration here has been phenomenal, and it’s not made me panic, cut corners or do things the wrong way like a lot of people do and shoot for the quick fixes because everybody gets a quick trigger by Year 3. I wasn’t interested in this place if everybody thought it was going to be a quick fix because I knew it wasn’t going to be. You don’t turn Kentucky around by getting a few players and then all of a sudden win in this league. The people in charge have been extremely helpful in this process and have given me the support to do it the right way, and they’ve believed in what they’ve seen.”

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