Is Mark Stoops leaving?

This question keeps coming up more often with the success around our football program. Here’s the deal, Mark Stoops most definitely isn’t going anywhere this season so lets embrace it and enjoy it.

Most speculation has been that he would go to Florida State as their head coach due to his history with the team. The near impossible would have to occur in order for that to happen. Florida State would have to fire Willie Taggart. This would result in them paying his buy out which is $21.3 million dollars. No buy out in any sport including the pros has been that much money.

Now on the other hand there have been eight separate GoFundMe accounts created to fund the buy out. They have a combined $10.

I honestly believe Mark Stoops is here for the long haul, but even if he isn’t, he is making us a heck of a football team in the meantime.

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