The “Football School” is a wreck

After watching our Wildcats win yet again in easy fashion, we have time to look down the road at that place that calls themselves a “Football School”.

Before getting settled in at Kroger Field I was watching UofL play Florida State. Louisville was leading 21-7 with the ball. I thought it was a sure victory. I was wrong, Florida State came back and won 28-24. This is the same Florida State that lost to Virginia 21-3, and Syracuse 30-7.

But Louisville is a “Football School”. Apparently so are Virginia and Florida State. We should also throw Western Kentucky in there since Louisville only scraped by with a 3 point win against them. Alabama also blew them out but they are the real deal.

Surely the fan base for a “Football School” is rallying around them. Here’s the fans reactions over the last two losses.

These fans had their health suffer, hopefully they are okay:

Self CareSick

Appropriately picked adjectives by these guys:

Pathetic 2Pathetic

Some are calling for Petrino’s head. (I agree)

Fire Petrino

Part of the fan base has just lost hope:

ConfidenceGiving upHMB

Even Siri can’t keep her cool during this mess. Louisville fans probably use Android anyway:

Siri slapped.jpeg

And then there is this……


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