Last time UK football was this good

The last time we won 8 games was 1984. I wasn’t alive quite yet. We won 8 regular season games and added a 9th win with the Hall of Fame Bowl win against Wisconsin, 20-19.

It almost seems guaranteed to win 8 games pretty easily with the remainder of our schedule. I still have us predicted with a 10-2 finish. Other than Texas A&M and Georgia, we are better than our opponents.

We also have not finished the season ranked since 1984 when we finished 19th. Before that was 1976 and we also finished ranked 19th. The last time we finished the season ranked in the top 10 was 1950 with head coach Bear Bryant. We won the Sugar Bowl that year.

We thought we were going to be great in 2007 after a 5-0 start. We then lost 5 of the next 7, finishing the regular season 7-5. We won the Music City Bowl that year.

This team is different, they are the real deal. Embrace and enjoy this, it hasn’t been this good for 34 years.

Check out the 1984 Hall of Fame Bowl. TV has changed a lot in 34 years.

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