I am already hating Georgia

I just closed out my trip to Athens, Georgia. I have several complaints before I address their fans.

The Atlanta Hartfield Airport is awful. If you can avoid it, fly anywhere else. The TSA is the rudest I’ve met, it takes an hour to get to a gate, it’s too crowded, and it’s Atlanta.

Now for Athens, home of the Georgia Bulldogs. There isn’t an expressway that leads to Athens. How can you be a major program but have to take backroads to the city? Now the city itself has an expressway but it just goes in a circle around the perimeter of the city, which leave almost no reason to use it.

The people in Athens only wanted to talk about football. I could be saying my lunch is great and the response is “But what about UGA”. Which was fine because I wanted to get their perception of UK Football. They give us zero respect. I received several laughs even mentioning our program in a football conversation. I couldn’t find anyone to even think we would score. My experiences this week changed how I felt about the game. I want Georgia now. Their fans need some humbling. They need to learn about Kentucky Football. Let’s beat UGA!

If you do end up in this awful place, don’t talk to anyone. UGA fans have themselves on a pedestal. We need to kick them off of it. But in this awful scenario, Hotel Indigo is amazing.

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