Pitino comments today on scandal case

Rick Pitino talked to the Courier-Journal today. As usual he denies everything but his comment seemed to insinuate that it happened and he was lied to.

From the article:

Cardinals associate head coach Kenny Johnson allegedly made a payment of $1,300 to the father of former Louisville recruit Brian Bowen, while assistant Jordan Fair reportedly gave a second, unnamed prospect $900.

The accusation was made in court Thursday by federal prosecutors seeking to convict three defendants of bribery and fraud chargeslinked to the FBI’s explosive pay-to-play college basketball investigation.

Pitino on the issue:

Pitino told the Courier Journal on Thursday he was “dumbfounded and devastated” by the allegation that Johnson made the $1,300 payment.

“He looked me square in the eye and said he did nothing wrong,” Pitino said. “I hope it’s not true.”

Pitino has also been on Twitter:

These articles don’t prove it wrong, but I would definitely say they have met:

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