UK fans threatening to cheer for UofL over Nike

Charles Schweinhart wrote Mitch Barnhart:

“My life, therefore my family’s life, revolves around U of K athletics,” Schweinhart wrote. “The news from Nike is very troubling. I can not support a company that rewards un-American actions. Will this cause me to divorce Kentucky? Should I start pulling for the Adidas school in Jefferson County. Help me. To leave the (Big Blue Nation) would cause my father to roll over in his grave, as well as making me change 3/4 of my wardrobe. I love the Cats. HELP.”

Schweinhart wasn’t alone, here is what Lawrence Hayes sent Mitch and UK President Eli Capilouto:

“Since Nike has decided to align itself with those who profess hatred of America, it’s incumbent upon our university to sever any ties to that company just as you did with Papa John’s,” Hayes wrote. “Failure to do so is a clear admission that the University of Kentucky agrees with those individuals and companies that spew hatred of the United States of America.”

Hayes bring up the fact the UK took John Schnatter’s name off the business school after his recent public issues.

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