Tomorrows match-up will be a test

Our team has played the last two games at home with a full stadium of screaming fans. The fans have been a 12th man for our team, and the numbers show it.

Our crowd picks up the intensity on 3rd down. We forced Mississippi State to 6 false starts, a total of 16 penalties totaling 139 yards.

Against South Carolina we forced 11 penalties for 94 yards.

Texas A&M plays at Kyle Field which has a capacity of 102,733. In comparison, Kroger Field holds 61,000. This atmosphere is going to be on a whole new level for our Cats. This is the first away game since we played Florida.

The crowd is my only concern for tomorrows game. If the Cats can overcome that then I see a victory. I still predict a 28-24 win over the Aggies.

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