Devastating loss in overtime

Defensively we were a top 10 program. Offensively we played awful. Our defense even had to score half of our points to get us to overtime.

Our offense only crossed the 50 yard line one time the entire game, which was the drive with the 54 yard completion. Benny Snell was not a factor in the game. The Aggies did a great job containing him and not allowing him to gain yardage. Benny Snell finished with a season low of 60 yards.

A&M controlled the game holding the ball for 34:20 while Kentucky had the ball for 25:02. The Aggies ran 75 plays compared to our 50.

The play call to throw on 3rd and 2 in overtime was questionable. We have the best running back in the country. I felt like we were Seattle in the Super Bowl. We didn’t make many mistakes. In fact, we were +2 on turnovers. We just could not find a way to move the ball.

With all that said this is still an amazing football team. With this loss and possibly one at Georgia, we can still finish 10-2. It’s still going to be an amazing year!

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