UK vs Texas A&M 1st half recap

At the end of the first half it’s a tied game at 7-7. Scoring drive on both sides were the result of break off catch and runs. Lynn Bowden scored on a 54 yard play. Trayveon Williams for A&M set up the scoring drive with his 32 yard catch and run.

If we are going to pull off this upset, we have to find ways to get Benny Snell involved. Benny Snell only has 6 touches for 23 yards.

Terry Wilson has played solid. His movement in the pocket is his biggest issue tonight. He needs to run when the pocket is collapsing.

Kash Daniel is entering the game after halftime. I expect a huge impact from him. He’s mad and going to come out with energy.

Our defense has been great. One bad lapse in coverage. The roughing the passer call on Josh Allen was horrible, he was the one actually being held.

It’s 7-7, we are in a good place to win this game. Let’s go Cats!

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