Don’t forget we have a pretty good basketball team too

With the bye week in football, we finally have a moment to stop and remember that we have the preseason #1 ranked basketball team in the nation.

We open the regular season on 11/6/18 against long time rival Duke. Duke is ranked #3 in the nation with the #1 recruiting class coming in. My hatred of Duke is on a whole different level, even slightly higher than Louisville. Duke lost its entire starting line-up. They have a great recruiting class but 3 of their top players all play the same position.

Different from most years we have some stars returning as well as senior Reid Travis, coming to us from Stanford. Our starting line-up is still unknown but only because we have so much talent.

Back in the summer we predicted what the starting line-up would be, check it out:

Pre-season starting 5 prediction

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