Louisville Edition: NCAA case compiled for you!

Its been a busy week with everything coming out in the NCAA trial. With coaches, schools, and players all being named. We have several post related to the case, but I felt we needed to put all of that information into one place for you.

We will start with everything Brian Bowen, Kenny Johnson, and Rick Pitino related:

Seems accurate being that Brian Bowen’s family was staying at the Galt House. Also appears that Bowen Sr. was shopping his son around.

And that’s how a $2,300 per month apartment gets paid for. This also shows the coaching staff knew about the payments and even provided them.

The defense actually said he was “pimping his son”.

Apparently Bowen Sr. didn’t know he only had to go to Minardi Hall.

This will be one of the more important facts in the case. The time line has been narrowed down to 9 days after UofL was put on probation. This would almost certainly mean death penalty right? I honestly hope not, even as a UK fan. The current coach and players are innocent.

More on “pimping out his son”


Bowen Sr. received money from several people while shopping his son around.

This is where Rick Pitino first comes into the case

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