The NBA is taking away the “one and done” rule

The NBA is using their G-League to end one and done in college basketball. They will off the elite recruits out of high school $125,000 for their first year to skip college. They will also benefit from branding their likeness, shoe endorsements, and the NBA teams facilities and staff.

This begins next summer, which could be why 7 of the top 10 prospects for next year are uncommitted. The NBA said they will go after the prospects who have yet to commit and will talk to the others if they decide on their own to decommit.

This is bad for college basketball as a whole. Arenas will not fill for B-list talent. TV stations will not air B-list talent. The G-League is attempting to take over the millions of dollars in revenue generated through college basketball.

This is even worst for Kentucky. Imagine our last 9 seasons without lottery picks. Will Cal adapt how he recruits or go back to the NBA? If the NCAA isn’t where all the attention is, I can’t seem him sticking around.

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