Verdict coming in NCAA trial

There is a good chance we will have a verdict from the jury today. This is important but not nearly as important for college basketball as the NCAA decision will be. Here is a wrap up of what has happened:


During the case it was testified with evidence under oath that Bill Self was aware that Adidas was “helping” in their recruiting process. He justified the “help” by saying its what he had to do to keep up with Kentucky, Duke, and North Carolina in recruiting.

Former Jayhawk player Billy Preston, had wrecked his $80,000 car on campus. Text messages between him and his mother were provided as evidence showing her telling him he knows nothing. She tells him to say he didn’t know where the car came from.

There are taped conversations in evidence from Kansas Asst Coach Kurtis Townsend, discussing giving recruit (who went to Duke) Zion Williamson a house, job, and cash.

Two of the players brought up in the case are currently on the #1 ranked Kansas roster.

Court documents concerning Kansas from the trial

Testimony showing Bill Self was aware!

Kansas should be very worried after the trial today


Brian Bowen’s father testified that he shopped his son around before committing to Louisville. The prosecution called it “pimping him out”. He admits that he agreed to a $100,000 deal to go to Louisville. Bowen Sr. testified that he received $1,300 in cash directly from Asst. Coach at the time, Kenny Johnson. Text messages were provided from Kenny Johnson to Rick Pitino discussing offers Bowen had from other schools.

All of this was only 9 days after Louisville was placed on probation for the stripper scandal.

Louisville Edition: NCAA case compiled for you!

Rick Pitino and Kenny Johnson text about money

Teams tied to allegations:

  • Kansas
  • Louisville
  • LSU
  • Michigan State
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • DePaul
  • Arizona

Regardless of the verdict today, this will have little to no impact on the NCAA coming down on these programs. A not guilty verdict will not save the schools from NCAA sanctions.

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