USA Today ranks Louisville in five most miserable teams

USA Today published a story ranking the five most miserable teams in College Football. Louisville, Missouri, Southern California, Virginia Tech, and Miami made up the five.

Here’s what they wrote about Louisville:

Louisville: If you’re not emotionally tied to this program, the complete and utter free fall on Bobby Petrino’s watch is kind of delicious. Not only is karma coming back to bite him (Wake Forest running back Matt Colburn, whose scholarship offer Petrino pulled at the last minute, ran for 243 yards in a 56-35 romp at Louisville on Saturday), but the Cardinals are the worst team in the ACC suddenly because of their offense, of all things.

Petrino, who has made millions of dollars and gotten chance after chance despite his personal foibles because he’s an offensive guru, has somehow assembled an offense that ranks 119th nationally after seven games. The only Power Five team currently ranked lower is Rutgers. Even for Louisville fans, Petrino is the kind of personality you tolerate rather than embrace. But when he can’t even crack the top 100 in offense, the idea of a fresh start begins to look a lot more appealing.

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