Georgia fans are losing it

The talks of Eddie Gran being the Offensive Coordinator at Georgia are over, but Georgia fans aren’t happy.

Then the talks started, the majority of Georgia fans on their message boards liked the idea of Gran being offered the position. Here’s the first ten comments I scrolled to after Gran was offered by Georgia.

  • source seems reputable too. I like it.
    I dig it. More spread principles but not afraid to run it down somebody’s throat if the run game is cooking.
    I like it as well
    1.1 Mil according to KSR
    someone who can build on the spread run stuff we were already doing
    Gran and Coley also have a history of working together. Could be a Co-OC deal.
    Seems pretty disappointing to me: “The Wildcats were 61st in total offense in 2016, 103rd in 2017 and 104th this year. They went from averaging 372 yards per game under Shannon Dawson in 2015, his one year calling plays at UK, to 360.8 this year.” I wish we would go spend the money and hire the best out there. Can’t understand why we want to cheap out and hire a cheap, underwhelming coach. Guess he’s a “running offense” guy that Kirby wants that sucks.
    Like it. Someone with some imagination who will used the whole playbook.
    Hell yeah! Would be huge to get Gran!!!
    Look at Cincy offense that was full spread and let it fly.
    He’s a fantastic south Florida recruiter.

That one negative commenter was completely bashed over and over by Georgia fans. This is a small sample size, but over 90% of the Georgia fans were supporting the hire of Gran.

Now we need to look at the comments after Gran turned the job down:

  • Hopefully we get someone good. We should pursue some big names. No reason not to swing for the fences when you’re the University of Georgia.
  • Easy to turn down an offer you never received.
  • This last month I have lost some confidence in Kirby. This doesn’t help. Not the part he turned us down but the fact we offered in the first place or even considered this guy.
  • Why wouldn’t he, we never offered him nuthing
  • Turned us down for the TE coach maybe
  • He didn’t turn us down and we didn’t offer.
  • Well at least we know we are looking beyond Coley.
  • Thank God. We can do better than Gran.
  • We never Offered him a Darn thing. Crazy how news is flying around Classic City right now. As if the Buzzards are trying to circle. In Kirby We Trust! We are going to be All Right!! Plan is in place!
  • If I’m Kirby and I have any suspicion that Jimmy Sexton did this for Eddie to make a little more money I would fire my agent so fast and not work with any of his clients again… This getting out makes him and UGA looks sloppy af.

The comments range from- Gran was never even offered- to Georgia teamed up with Gran to get him a raise.

I’m all for keep a coaching staff that produced 10 win in place!

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