Committee Is Seeding Duke Based On Zion’s Health

This is going to be controversial, as it should be.

Bernard Muir, the chair of the DI basketball committee for the NCAA, just said on CBS Sports that the committee will have to evaluate how healthy Zion Williamson looks in the ACC Tournament to properly seed Duke.

Maybe I’m wrong, I’m pretty certain that I’m not, but I don’t recall a time in the history of the tournament that seeding was based off of a players health. If you lost then that counted as a loss. It’s never been given an asterisk because you had a player hurt.

This will get national attention and it should. Would the committee do the same for other programs with injured players? No. Kentucky is missing a key starter, will we get an asterisk next to our loss in Knoxville? No, we won’t.

The NCAA Tournament is one of the greatest sporting events in the world. I hope they don’t take part of the greatness away with a controversy like this.

5 thoughts on “Committee Is Seeding Duke Based On Zion’s Health”

  1. but this is duke– royalty. that’s why they always get preferential treatment— and ref’s calls.

  2. At one time or another a team has had an injured player. Are they all going to be based on how they play in their perspective tournaments!? No, then why should Duke. The NCAA committee should not let politics come into play. They have lost games just like all the other teams, seed them as such. How many times can Duke get away with trips and stomps now getting a seed they may not deserve. Look at wins losses and how they have played. UK has been playing without a key player and no special consideration is being given to them. Fair is fair. NCAA do what is fair

  3. I bleed blue. And it wouldn’t be fear to our team to do so. But people need to show less interest,go to less games just all around let the rating fall. And then maybe it might change their mind.

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