LSU’s Will Wade Wants His Suspension Lifted

Will Wade released a statement this morning asking to be able to do his job. However, all indications from LSU suggest that will not happen unless he is willing to sit down and discuss the recorded conversations. Based off his statement today, that’s not going to happen.

Here’s the statement from Will Wade:

“This morning, I advised President Alexander, Athletic Director Joe Alleva and the LSU Board of Supervisors that I would like to resume my duties as Head Basketball Coach. Last week, when the University decided to place me on administrative leave, I accepted the decision without complaint as I knew that they wanted time to reflect on the flurry of media reports. With the benefit of a week to consider the circumstances, I believe University officials should allow me to resume my duties.

“I understand that in today’s hyper-intense media environment it is extremely difficult for any organization, particularly a public university, to stand firm in the face of rumors, leaks and innuendo. In this case, the simple truth is I have been place on leave because I exercised my right not to submit to a joint LSU/NCAA interview on the exact same subject matter at issue in an impending federal criminal trial in New York. My legal counsel advised the University that it would be wholly inappropriate for me, or anyone, to submit to an interview under these circumstances.”

There’s not a chance he ever coaches at LSU again, right?

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