Mrs. Cal Is Taking On The Haters And Coach Cal

Mrs. Calipari has the best Instagram account out there. Hands down, she is secretly the funniest person on the internet.

She starts with defending her daughter, Megan Calipari. It appears that Josh3759572759271 doesn’t know who he is messing with. Here’s Mrs. Cal’s response:

If you don’t follow Mrs. Cal (you should), I need to explain a couple things. #12 is what she calls Brad Calipari. Dr is how she refers to their daughter, Erin. Earthly is what she calls Megan.

Now aside from all that. It’s just degrading to say that a woman’s success is because of her father, husband, or whoever else you want. Stop.

Now back to laughing. Coach Calipari took to social media today to talk about how he could survive in Alaska. Mrs. Cal disagrees.

Again, a little insight- Mrs. Cal refers to John Calipari as “Roommate”.

Stop what you’re doing and go follow Mrs. Cal on Instagram!

Photo by the Herald Leader

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