Texas Writer Calls Kentucky Players “NBA Bums”

Coach, please post this in the locker room. A writer, Mac Engel, from Forth Worth wrote an article called, “Abilene Christian will slay John Calipari and his merry band of NBA bums from Kentucky”.

Engel starts with calling our players “NBA Bums”.

College basketball is full of wire taps, frauds and indictments so it’s only appropriate that a Christian school from West Texas is here to save the NCAA Tournament.

And after mighty Abilene Christian slays John Calipari and his merry band of NBA bums from Kentucky, America will know and acknowledge the fighting Christians are the best team not just in West Texas, but all of Texas. Maybe America.

He then accuses Calipari of cheating.

Kentucky is a 21.5 point favorite to defeat ACU on Thursday night in the “second” round of the NCAA Tourney, but ignore those idiots who set the betting lines. UK is done. Coach Cal has never seen a squad like ACU … with the possible exception of the NCAA investigators.

The guy that writes just for clicks then tries to link us to the federal investigation.

Outside of Kentucky, everyone will be pulling for ACU to provide the upset that will make us briefly forget about the wire taps, frauds and indictments.

He clearly wrote this because he knows Big Blue Nation is the largest fan base in the world and he hoped to get some clicks. Unfortunately, I’m sure it worked for him.

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