PJ Washington Is Out Against Wofford

Coach Calipari said in his press conference today, “You and I know how hard this game will be, especially with PJ (Washington) out.”

We won’t have PJ Washington for a second consecutive game.

“What they’re going to do at some point is cut the cast off and say — they just thought it would heal faster,” Calipari said.  “I know there’s conspiracies.  I’m telling you, it was negative in every x-ray, MRI. We even did an RIM. It’s a sprain.  You guys that know me know I’m overly cautious because it’s these kids’ careers and I get it.  I know this, he really wants to play.  But I also want to feel comfortable that if he gets on the court, there’s nothing he can do to himself.  The doctors pretty much said that. It’s just, when is he healed enough that he can go?”

The Kentucky Wildcats face Wofford at 2:40 PM ET tomorrow. CBS will be airing the game.

Photo by UK Athletics

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