Fletcher Magee Says “Below Average” He Would Beat Kentucky

After Kentucky beat Wofford 62-56, Fletcher Magee talked about his 0-12 three point shooting performance.

“I just needed to hit a couple of shots,” he said. “We had the momentum sometimes, and I had a big shot and it ended up not going in, but I’ve got to own up to it and swallow it. I went in there, I prepared like I always prepared. I did everything I’ve always done. I shot them how I always shoot them. They just didn’t go in.”

Magee said that he thought Kentucky did a good job playing him, but he compared it to the teams he played in the Southern Conference.

“I’ve shot the shots I got tonight against every team in the [Southern Conference], every other team I’ve played,” Magee said. “They were no harder. I just didn’t shoot it well. Some of them felt good and were short, some of them felt good and were long and some of them were just off. It’s just what happens.”

Tyler Herro deserves some credit for his defensive performance against Magee. Coach Calipari in his post game press conference, credited Kentucky’s effort and energy on defense.

I think he’s looking at this from a perspective of ‘if I hit 2 or 3 of those threes’ then we would have won, which could be true. You could also say that if Tyler Herro’s shots were falling better then it’s a blow out.

“If I would have played a little bit below average, we still would have beat Kentucky,” he added. “It was just a horrible performance from me, and we lost.”

I want to like Fletcher Magee, but these comments could be seen as a shot against Kentucky. I’m fine with being confident, but I know Tyler Herro played better defense on him than opponents in the Southern Conference.

Maybe give the defense credit when you Set the record for most attempts ever without a make in NCAA Tournament history.

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  1. If he had played decently. UK would have still won. Not very smart to dpout off with B N LISTENING

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