Coach Calipari Has A Message For BBN

Coach Calipari tweeted out a message to the fans about his team today.

“Losing stinks. As I told the guys afterwards, it’s supposed to sting when you lose. If it’s doesn’t you’re not a competitor. This one is going to hurt for all of us for a while but it doesn’t take away from what this team accomplished this season and how much these kids grew.

Each and every player isn’t the same version he was at the beginning of the season. Every player grew, and as they improved, our team got better and put us in the mix again.

I so badly wanted to get to next weekend to have another week to coach these kids. I’ve enjoyed coaching this group as much as any I have ever had. These are a bunch of great kids and I hope our fan base celebrates them for a terrific season.”

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Photo by UK Athletics

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