Coach Calipari Is The Best Coach For Kentucky

I have to start my Monday off with a rant. There were an unbelievable amount of post since the loss saying that Calipari should be fired. What was worse was the tweets and comments at the players and Calipari’s family.

If we won that game (which was in overtime) and made it to the Final Four then this wouldn’t even be a topic. We were a couple regulation free throws from this never being a conversation.

Let’s start with all the coaching complaints. I could go on all day about it, but for the Cal haters, who would you rather have? There’s no other coach that I would rather have than Calipari. Coach K is good but he’s 143 years old-ish. Even if he wasn’t a billion years old, I wouldn’t take him over Calipari. We hear about his 5 Final Fours. We don’t hear about the 39 years it took to get them. Since 2001 coach K has been to 4 Final Fours. Coach Calipari has been to 4 Final Fours in just his 10 years at Kentucky.

Maybe it’s the one and done system that bothered people. Remember when we developed four year players and went 20 years in between championships. Remember Billy Gillespie’s four year players. I love him but Tubby Smith mastered mediocrity with four year players.

In the Cal-era who has been to more Final Fours? Who has been to more Elite Eights? More Sweet Sixteens? NO ONE! Not old K, not no classes Roy, not even hair piece Self! We have played in two championship games, unfortunately we lost one of them.

I have no problem with people having opinions. I do however, think that before you say we need to replace Calipari, you should be able to make a possible replacement. (You’re still wrong about it though).

Let’s move on to the players. These guys are here providing us entertainment. You can make the argument all day that they are getting a free education but are PJ Washington, Tyler Herro, Keldon Johnson, and Ashton Hagans staying four years for a degree? No. They are here to play basketball for the best program in the country. Have you ever missed a free throw? Have you ever done it in front of 24,000 people? I’m not saying that we shouldn’t hold our team accountable, but does it change the loss to a win by sending hateful messages? It doesn’t do anything but show future recruits what will happen when they lose a game.

Finally, what on earth did the Calipari ladies do to some of you? Mrs. Calipari is hilarious. I’ve said it 50 or so times already but she’s secretly the funniest person on the internet. Megan and Dr. Erin Siciliano Calipari seem like amazing people that interact with the fans on social media. Why attack them? Was Megan supposed to be coaching free throw shooting and I was just unaware?

The loss sucks, but Calipari is still the best coach for this job and sending hateful messages doesn’t make the loss go away.

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