Duke Is “Looking Into” Claims That Zion’s Family Was Paid

Duke has now announced that they are looking into the claims that Zion Williamson’s mother received payments from Nike.

This began with this tweet from Michael Avenatti:

Avenatti then makes it more interesting:

This was the second time Michael Avenatti mentioned Duke.

Duke’s director of athletics, Kevin White, said:

“We are aware of the allegation and, as we would with any compliance matter, are looking into it. Duke is fully committed to compliance with all NCAA rules and regulations, every student athlete at Duke is reviewed to ensure their eligibility. With regard to men’s basketball: all recruits and their families are thoroughly vetted by Duke in collaboration with the NCAA through the Eligibility Center’s amateurism certification process.” 

2 thoughts on “Duke Is “Looking Into” Claims That Zion’s Family Was Paid”

  1. Of course you hear of this after the season is over! It doesn’t matter; Duke never gets In any trouble. The are the UNC of the ACC!!! Oh; wait, they are both in the ACC! Coincidence???

  2. Won’t do a dam thing to them. Jay Vilas and ESPN will see to it. It had been Kentucky this would of already been all over ESPN.

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