John Calipari’s Reaction To Herro’s Decision To Remain In The Draft

Tyler Herro has announced he will remain in the NBA Draft, Tyler Herro Will Remain In The NBA Draft.

“As I said last week, Tyler is wired and driven like few other players I’ve coached,” John Calipari said. “Tyler was such a pleasure to coach this year because he didn’t let anyone else define what type of player he was; he defined what type of player he was going to be. He made the decision and put in the effort to become a complete basketball player who can score on the bounce, who can shoot it, who can defend and who can rebound. It’s his total package that will make Tyler successful at the next level. I’ve loved coaching him and I can’t wait to see what he does at the next level.”

Herro averaged 14.0 points per game this season, 15.5 points per game on the road. Kentucky was 19-0 when Herro scored 15 or more points in a game.

Photo by UK Athletics


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