Some Big Names Support Bringing The NBA To Louisville

Dan Issel, president of NBA2LOU, brought together a pretty impressive crowd to support his groups push to bring the NBA to Louisville.

Rick Bozich reported that the attendance included: Rodney McCray, Tubby Smith, Art and Valerie Still, Joe Jacoby, Mark Clayton, Tim Couch, Chris McCarron, Will Perdue, Artis Gilmore, Louie Dampier, Paul Hornung, Kym Hampton, Bubba Paris, Mike Pratt, Chris Redman, Otis Wilson and Kenny Walker.

Tubby Smith talked about the infrastructure already being in place with the Yum Center, he went on to say “There are so many different businesses with the growth that has taken place here in Louisville and in the region. There is nothing (in the NBA) nearby other than the Pacers.

“Kentuckians would rather go see a Kentucky team. Why not have a Kentucky NBA team? Obviously Seattle and Las Vegas are the cities Louisville is competing with.”

Can you imagine a Kentucky NBA team that has one or two former Kentucky players?

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