Brad Calipari Receives HUGE Insult

As a fan of the Kentucky Wildcats it hurt me to see this. I can’t imagine how Brad Calipari feels.

A man in the airport asked Brad Calipari if is he was Coach K’s son.

I don’t even know if Coach K has kids but if he does they don’t come close to being able to dress the way Brad does. The attire alone should have given it away.

There’s a big difference between ‘Calipari’ and ‘Krysbaifbfisahsgwo’ written on a backpack.

Our thoughts are with Brad Calipari as he tries to overcome this monstrosity.

Photo by UK Athletics

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3 thoughts on “Brad Calipari Receives HUGE Insult”

  1. Brad’s fine, ” He’s a Baller ” and truth be told his 3 point shot, is up there with the best in the Country ! If he transfers, you will see that shot, multiply !

  2. Brad will be fine wherever he goes ,Some team will be lucky to get him .He could start on a lot of teams !!! Good luck Brad hope to see you play !!!

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