MUST WATCH: Kentucky Football’s Ethiopia Trip

Three Kentucky Football players went to Ethiopia for a service trip. Landon Young, Calvin Taylor, and Boogie Watson share some of their stories from the trip.

Kentucky offensive tackle Landon Young was discussing the trip and said “We got to go up there and walk with some locals and feed roughly 300 kids or so in a feeding program there where they got to eat some rice and bread. That was just amazing seeing all those kids and just how well behaved they were, how disciplined they were, how selfless they were. We went up there and fed them all and ended up with getting to where there were three left at the end that didn’t get food and we gave them some snacks to make sure they got food as well. The process of being able to give an actual hungry kid food was just something that will never leave my mind. Just seeing their face light up, seeing how grateful they were just to get a meal.”

The kids weren’t used to our version of football.

Young said “Usually when we said football, they thought we played soccer, and so we pulled out a little football and sort of did a little demonstration of what we do. It was hard to do with only three people, but we gave them a pretty good rough idea.”

Defensive end Calvin Taylor said his biggest take-away was having no excuses, saying “There’s no reason to make an excuse that you can’t do something, like I can’t do this because it’s raining or I can’t go to class, I can’t go to workouts because I’m tired or something like that. It’s just really a perspective of there’s no reason to make an excuse to do anything. You can do anything.”

I love the work these guys did in Ethiopia. It really opens your eyes to how blessed we are and the fact that we need to do more.

I’m proud of these three Wildcats!

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