VIDEO: DeMarcus Cousins Responds To Toronto Fans Cheering After KD’s Injury

Kevin Durant came back from his injury to play in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. Unfortunately, Durant went down with an injury just two minutes into the second quarter.

The Toronto fans cheered as Kevin Durant was on the floor injured.

Credit is due to Toronto’s Kyle Lowry and fellow teammates who were telling the fans to stop cheering.

DeMarcus Cousins was asked about the fans who questioned Durant’s heart after the first injury and how the Toronto fans cheered during his second injury. Warning: The video contains explicit language.

Kevin Durant’s mom went to Twitter last night to defend her son, saying “For ALL of you who question my son as a man, question his heart, question his integrity and question his LOVE for the game of basketball, you DON’T know him. He has a heart of a true Warrior! This too shall pass. God bless you ALL.”

The Warriors have said they believed Durant suffered an achilles tear.

Our thoughts and prayer are with him for a full recovery.

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