Nerlens Noel Fired Rich Paul

LeBron James launched Rich Paul into the NBA scene, which has turned into him being the agent for several big names including James.

However, Paul has had a few setbacks this year. It began with his handling of the Anthony Davis-Pelicans debacle. Now he has been fired by two clients, including former Kentucky Wildcat Nerlens Noel.

Noel was a free agent from the Thunder for lass than 24 hours before agreeing to sign with the team again. Within the same day, Paul and Noel withdrew their commitment from that offer and asked for more time. When Noel returned to the negotiations with the Thunder for the deal, he did not bring Rich Paul with him.

Paul represents a few other former Kentucky Wildcats as well:

  • John Wall
  • Anthony Davis
  • Trey Lyles

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