Another Top Prospect Will Forgo College

More prospects are skipping the college route and finding alternate routes to achieve their dream of making it to the NBA.

Five-star prospect MarJon Beauchamp is the latest to forgo the traditional college route.

According to Stockrisers’ Jake Weingarten, Marjon Beauchamp opts to skip college, will train for 2021 NBA Draft with Chameleon BX, a 12-month training program founded by Frank Matrisciano, Beauchamp told Stockrisers. This will begin after his senior year at Dream City Christian.

Beauchamp is 6-foot-6 and 175-pounds. He ranks as the No. 22 overall recruit in the 2020 class.

With the one-and-done era most likely ending in 2022, I expect we will continue to see more prospects chose alternate routes. It’s not panic time yet, but college basketball is changing.

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