Which Trio Would You Sit With?

The Kentucky Basketball edition of “which table you sitting at” is out. I’m curious to see where BBN goes with this one.

I assume the favorites would be tables 3 and 6. However, I think I would take table 1. At table one you’re going to get the most stories as they have been in the NBA the longest. You also get to hear about some of the pre-social media days.

You also can’t under value table 5. They had a historic run and a lot of experiences to share.

Which table you sitting at?

1 thought on “Which Trio Would You Sit With?”

  1. Recency bias, probably, but I’ll take table 10. Or 4. PJ was awesome last year and I’m a big Nerlens fan. Also, I’m thinking there’ll be more seats available at those tables.

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